Advocare Lunch Ideas

Advocare Lunch Ideas

Posted on 29. Apr, 2012 by in General Info

Lunch Ideas for Cleanse Phase and the MNS 14 Day Phase II

Here are some ideas for lunch that work well all through the 24 Day Challenge:

  • 2 hard boiled eggs plus salad and a piece of fruit
  • Sliced grilled chicken (can be left over from the night before) with 1 tablespoon hummus and raw veggies (peppers, celery, cucumber, etc.)
  • Grilled chicken caesar salad (without dressing, croutons or cheese) – works well in a restaurant
  • Turkey burger (no ketchup) with steamed broccoli – works well in a restaurant
  • Grilled 4 ounce salmon filet with steamed asparagus – works well in a restaurant
  • 2 ounces of Tofu Lin cut into chunks in a large salad with mixed veggies
  • 4 ounces Tilapia with steamed summer squash and zucchini
  • Scoop of our favorite tuna/egg salad over romaine lettuce

Post 24 Day Challenge  for Continued Loss and Maintenance

You can use all of the above or try my standby go to solutions:

  • Advocare Meal Replacement Bar – I keep a box at work, and always have one in the car.  It is my insurance policy so that I don’t make a poor choice if in a pinch.  To be honest, I love them, and eat many days since then I don’t have to prepare or think about food during the day.
  • Advocare Meal Replacement Shake mixed with frozen fruit in the blender*

* vanilla shake, 9 ounces water and frozen mixed berries or raspberries has maximum fiber and great flavor


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  2. Mibawi

    17. Apr, 2014

    Where can we get information regarding specific foods to eat? (ex) Is peanut butter a choice? non-fat sugar free popcorn? There needs to be more specific food choice information. Is there a site to go to for this information, if so I haven’t found it. Thank you for any help regarding these questions.

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  3. Angelina

    03. Mar, 2014

    I have had the same red bump reaction. It’s not extremely noticeable but it did make me a bit nervous at first. Thanks Stephanie for the explanation of what could be the cause. Great site, I’ve found plenty of helpful info.

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  4. marissa

    16. Jan, 2014

    I was told no complex carbs after 4 pm. So none at dinner which is fine, so is it ok to have them at lunch? Also, what are the main differences in food between cleanse and max phase? Thank you.

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  5. Rebecca

    03. Jan, 2014

    are you allowed any peanut butter on apples or celery while on the 24 day challenge?

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    • Healthy Girl

      06. Jan, 2014

      @ Rebecca,
      Only 2T natural peanut butter with no sugar added.

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  6. Kerri

    18. Sep, 2013

    any recipe suggestions for following the plan properly as a vegetarian? I feel like i’m always hungry 🙁

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  7. Sheri

    17. Jul, 2013

    I am on day 3 and have red bumps on my face , neck and shoulders /upper back ? This is normal – otherwise feeling fine

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    • Healthy Girl

      22. Jul, 2013

      @ Sheri,
      Have you chekced with your doctor? Not familiar with this problem.

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    • Stephanie

      17. Oct, 2013

      Sheri, I know it’s been months since you posted this, but FYI sounds like you reacted to the niacin in the herbal cleanse and even spark. I’ve heard/read about someone else having the exact same reaction, that’s what it turned out to be.

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