About Us

Thanks for checking out Advocare Tips.  This is a personal site based on my experiences and resources that may help you with improved health, nutrition, fitness, and energy through Advocare.

During my first 6 weeks on Advocare products, not only did I lose weight and gain more energy, but I also lowered my cholesterol by 60 points!  I couldn’t be happier or feel better, and I have continued to adopt an Advocare way of life through their products and a very healthy nutritional program. I lost over 80 pounds and continue to use Advocare products to maintain my weight loss.  I have never felt healthier.  My doctor monitored me all the way and continues to do the same.

I also provide information about how to become a member/distributor to get a discount on Advocare products, and how to get some extra income and reduce debt.

Feel free to submit recipes and ideas you would like me to include.

I am an Independent Distributor with Advocare and not Advocare Corporate.  My goal is to put support information on this site to assist others getting the results that they desire. Please consult your health care provider before making any dietary or fitness modifications.