We get lots of the same questions over and over again in comments and through our Contact Us area, so we thought that creating an FAQ section would help you all.  So before commenting, check the FAQs and do a search on the site with some simple terms.  If you can’t find your answer in one of those places, or the comments,  please go ahead and ask your question.

Allowable Foods

What Vegetarian Options Do You Suggest?

Vegetarians can definitely do the 24 Day Challenge.  Here are some ideas for protein sources:
  • Incorporate the Vegetarian Meal Replacement Shake.
  • Tofu is good - we are big fans of the SoyBoy Tofu Lin
  • Natural peanut butter with no sugar added in very limited portions (no more than 2 tbs)
  • After the cleanse you can use additional meal replacement shakes and meal replacement bars
  • After the cleanse, try the Griller’s Prime burgers.  They have a lower carb content and taste fantastic.  Some of the veggie burgers are loaded with carbs and sodium, so be very careful.
  • If you are not vegan, you can use eggs, and after the cleanse you can add some dairy back in (Greek yogurt with no sugar added)

What Salad Dressing Can I Use?

You can use vinegar (not balsamic because of the sugar content) with a small amount of olive oil.  Also, Walden Farms dressing is acceptable.  You can get in bottles or individual packets (great for taking your lunch or eating out).  Hands down our favorite is the Thousand Island which comes in bottles and packets, and is kid friendly. We are frequently asked about using fat free or lowfat dressings.  Many low fat dressings are full of sugar and other things we are eliminating during the 24 Day Challenge, so best to avoid.  

Can I Chew Sugar Free Gum?

You just don't want to load up on artificial sweeteners (or sugar).  A few sticks here and there shouldn't hurt, but I personally have found that chewing gum got me hungry, so I gave it up and just have a Spark.  🙂

Can I have coffee on the 24 Day Program?

We get a lot of questions about why to eliminate coffee on the 24 Day Challenge. Here is a post that gives you all the info on coffee and caffeine.

Having Trouble

How Do I Eliminate Constipation?

A small number of people report an issue with constipation. This should not be a problem if eating right and following the plan. Here are lots of helpful hints for you.

Instructions and Directions

Where Can I Find Instructions for the Cleanse?

You can download the instructions and checklist here.  As lists are updated, this is where you will always find the latest version.  Suggest you print a few out be sure you have with you (at work, home, etc.).

Weight Loss

How can I break a stall (plateau)?

Diamond, Matt Warren did a great guest post for us on this topic.