Four Frozen Fruit Tips

Four Frozen Fruit Tips

Posted on 29. Mar, 2012 by in Best Secrets

Love, love, love frozen fruit.  Stocking up on frozen fruit can help your Advocare way of eating since it is convenient, and saves some $$ since there is no waste.  Here are my top four ways to use frozen fruit.

1)   Blueberries

Buy a huge bag.  Experiment with brands.  Wegmans (if you are fortunate enough to live near one) has the BEST, huge, sweet berries.  Put in a bowl and eat frozen.  Yummy, and they take a long time to eat if you don’t thaw them.

2)   Mixed Berries

Sam’s Club has a great bag that includes raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries.  We blend these with the vanilla meal replacement shake and 9 ounces of water using a Magic Bullet.  This is breakfast!   Comes out really thick and filling.  This is really helpful for those who need some more fiber since there are 9 grams of fiber in 1 serving of the berries.  For those of you on the 24 Day Challenge, wait until after the 24 Days before switching to this for breakfast.

3)   Bananas

Wait until really ripe (almost over ripe).  Peel and then wrap in aluminum foil and freeze.  If you are desperate for a sweet treat – you can almost convince yourself that this tastes like ice cream.  🙂

4)   Peaches

For those that don’t need the extra fiber, you can substitute frozen peaches for the berries in tip #2.  The peaches don’t really give it that much flavor, but it gives it the right consistency for a sweet, vanilla milkshake.  Be sure that you are using very firm peach slices (not always as easy to find).

This should not even need to be said, but be sure there is no sugar added to your frozen fruit.

Do you use frozen fruit?  Leave a comment and let us know.

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  1. sue saint

    06. Feb, 2015

    What kind of cranberry juice can I buy to put in my water to make it taste better?

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    • Healthy Girl

      12. Feb, 2015

      @ Sue,
      No juice on the Challenge. You can add lemon or lime.

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  2. […] Have frozen fruit available in case you do not have enough fresh fruit options.  See our frozen fruit tips […]

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  3. […] Have frozen fruit available in case you do not have enough fresh fruit options.  See our frozen fruit tips […]

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  4. rich cameron

    18. Jul, 2012

    i really like putting frozen bananas and cherries through my omega 8006 juicer with the blank screen it comes out like ice cream. i sometimes mix it with plain yogurt, it has replaced ice cream for me.

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  5. Coach

    28. May, 2012

    Frozen fruit and a Magic Bullet is the ony way to go. I also use a little V8 Diet Splash. 10 calories, 2g sugar, 3g carbs in an 8 oz. glass, so using just a little shouldn’t hurt. I typically lose 12 lbs. during my 10 day cleanse.

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